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Freitag, 29. April 2011 | Alter: 6 Jahr(e) | Quelle: Pressemitteilung

Two German Show Jumping Riders and One Vaulter in the Lead

Sieger Eric Lamaze und Hickstead (Foto: Karl Heinz Frieler/hfr)

Leipzig - The “Winner of the Day” by the PARTNER PFERD comes from Canada and is Eric Lamaze. The two German show jumping riders who have been making headlines are Christian Ahlmann and Marco Kutscher because they share the first place in the overall standings of the Rolex FEI World Cup Final Jumping going into the third and deciding competition in Leipzig.
Eric Lamaze, the Olympic Champion from 2008 and bronze medallist from the World Championships 2010, won the second competition of the Rolex FEI World Cup Final Jumping with Hickstead in a close jump-off. Lamaze found it “wonderful” to win and let everybody know how much he was enjoying Leipzig. It has been a goal to compete with his 15 year old stallion Hickstead in one World Cup Final. Christian Ahlmann took the second place with Taloubet Z. “I am very happy. I didn’t want to take too much out of him because a difficult competition is still coming on Sunday.” Gerco Schröder of The Netherlands finished third in the Rolex FEI World Cup competition with Eurocommerce New Orleans.
Marco Kutscher, the winner of the first Rolex FEI World Cup Final Jumping competition, finished the second round with a sixth place in the jump-off and now shares the joint lead with Christian Ahlmann going into Sunday’s competition. They’ve known each other for over 15 years, are good friends and now are competing against each other on Sunday.
But it is still a long hard way with a competition over two rounds before a Final winner is named. Gerco Schröder of The Netherlands follows the German duo with only one fault and The New Zealander Katie McVean, who commented that she is “just happy that everything is going well”, is following with four faults, just in front of Eric Lamaze with six faults. Marcus Ehning, the titleholder, follows with nine faults in 7th place and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum is in 17th place with 14 faults.
There were close to 10,000 spectators who visited the PARTNER PFERD on the third day of the four FEI World Cup Finals at the Leipzig Fairgrounds and were able to see the French vaulter Nicolas Andreani win by the FEI World Cup premiere. “I always want to win”, said the bronze medallist from the World Equestrian Games who can go into Saturday’s Final with confidence. Simone Wiegele of Germany, the delicate bronze medallist from the World Equestrian Games, was able to match the result of the smart Frenchman – she won the first Freestyle round of the FEI World Cup Final Vaulting presented by Sparkasse – and both are looking like the favourites for the second and deciding round. The World Champion Patric Looser needed to settle for second place, but is still extremely excited about the first FEI World Cup Final Vaulting.
The evening in Leipzig ended with a win from the titleholder Body Exell of Australia in the welcome competition for the FEI World Cup Driving. Exell, who has been racing away from the competition in the qualifying series while his horses “just keep getting stronger and faster each time out”, kept the Swedish driver Tomas Eriksson and The Dutch team World Champion Koos de Ronde at bay. The course designer, Dr. Wolfgang Asendorf, has promised the seven candidates for the FEI World Cup Final Driving presented by Sparkasse a course for Sunday which will require technical accuracy and speed. And these drivers have proven time and again that they know what speed is……
34 FEI World Cup Vaulting - Ladies
1st Round Individual Vaulting Ladies, International
1. Simone Wiegele (GER), Arkansas, Note 8.320;
2. Antje Hill (GER), Arkansas, 8.246;
3. Anna Cavallaro (ITA), Harley, 7.533;
4. Ines Jückstock (GER), Lamenticus, 7.313;
5. Simone Jäiser (SUI), Luk, 7.226;
6. Stefanie Kowald (AUT), Alando 20, 7.2
35 FEI World Cup Vaulting - Men
1st Round Individual Vaulting Men, International
1. Nicolas Andreani (FRA), Idefix de Braize, Note 8.780;
2. Patric Looser (SUI), Record RS v.d. Wintermühle, 8.626;
3. Viktor Brüsewitz (GER), Airbus, 8.080;
4. Yvan Nousse (FRA), Carlos, 7.046;
5. Lukas Klouda (CZE), Sir Bernhard RS von der Winter, 6.673;
6.. Daniel Kaiser (GER), Down Under, 5.720
32 FEI World Cup Driving Welcome Competition, International Speed Competition
1. Boyd Exell (AUS), Nr. 5, 125.63 Seconds;
2. Tomas Eriksson (SUI), Nr. 2, 129.53 (124.53);
3. Koos de Ronde (NED), Nr. 3, 140.08 (120.08);
4. Werner Ulrich (SUI), Nr. 4, 143.41 (133.41);
5. Georg von Stein (GER), Nr. 1, 148.31 (133.31);
6. Ijsbrand Chardon (NED), Nr. 6, 155.51 (130.51)
15 European Youngster Cup Finale (CSI2* 16-26)
International Jumping Competition with Jump-Off, International
Height: 1,45m

1. Marie Lütgenau (GER), Strolchi, 0 penalties 39.30 sec;
2. Tim Brüggemann (GER), Corio Star, 0 penalties 40.19;
3. Charlotte Bettendorf (LUX), Kiwi du Gibet, 0 penalties 41.47;
4. Hendrik Sosath (GER), Chalacorada, 4 penalties 39.09;
5. Reed Kessler (USA), Ligist, 4 penalties 39.34;
6. Janine Rijkens (GER), La Ramm, 8 penalties 42.00
05 Preis der CITROEN Partner Leipzig Accumulator Competition International (CSI3*) Height: 1,45m
1. Philippe Rozier (FRA), Ideal de Roy, 65 points 44.97 sec;
2. Pius Schwizer (SUI), AD Dinzy, 65 points 48.08;
3. Harrie Smolders (NED), Exquis Powerfee, 65 points 48.57;
4.. Abdullah Al Sharbatly (KSA), Lobster, 65 points 48.75;
5. Joachim Heyer (GER), Aquino, 65 points 48.91;
6. Marco Kutscher (GER), China Blue, 65 points 51.24

02 Rolex FEI World Cup - Jumping 2nd Qualifier for World Cup Final
International Jumping Competition with Jump-Off Height: 1,55m

1. Eric Lamaze (CAN), Hickstead, 0 penalties 40.68 sec;
2. Christian Ahlmann (GER), Taloubet Z, 0 penalties 40.86;
3. Gerco Schröder (NED), Eurocommerce New Orleans, 0 penalties 44.77;
4. Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP), Action-Breaker, 0 penalties 48.79;
5.. McLain Ward (USA), Antares F, 4 penalties 39.37;
6. Marco Kutscher (GER), Cash, 4 penalties 40.89
08 Wernesgrüner Preis
International Jumping Competition Table A (CSI3*) Height: 1,50m

1. Marcus Ehning (GER), Campbel, 0 penalties 53.58 sec;
2. Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP), Wisconsin, 0 penalties 54.16;
3. Kevin Staut (FRA), Zeta de Hus, 0 penalties 54.80;
4. Franke Sloothaak (GER), Amos, 0 penalties 54.95;
4. Franz-Josef Dahlmann (GER), Lifou, 0 penalties 54.95;
6. Philippe Rozier (FRA), Randgraaf, 0 penalties 55.61
Press release from 29 April 2011
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